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Module 1 - Multimedia Overview

  • Definition
  • Applications and Design
  • Authoring (HyperStudio)

Module 2 - Introduction to HyperStudio

  • The Metaphor
  • The Basics (Cards, Buttons, Text)
  • HyperStudio Resources

Module 3 - Instructional Design

  • Objectives
  • Content (print, graphics, sounds, etc.)
  • Interaction
  • Assessment
  • Closure

Module 4 - Screen Design

  • Metaphors and Themes
  • Colors and Backgrounds
  • Text (size, color, placement)
  • Navigation
  • Consistency
  • Transitions and Links

Module 5 - Use of Sound

  • HyperStudio Sounds
  • Recording Your Own

Module 6 - Internet Resources

  • Graphics
  • Integrating Web documents

Module 7 -HyperStudio Tips and Tricks

  • Animation
  • Launching other applications and documents
  • Basic NBA's

Module 8 - Multimedia Portfolios

  • Designing a template
  • Adding elements
  • Choosing materials (readings)

Module 9 - Incorporating Digital Media

  • QuickTime Movies
  • Laserdisc and CD-ROM control
  • Scanning

Module 10 - Advanced Button Features

  • Hyperlinks
  • Drag-n-Drop
  • Advanced NBA's
  • Using Actions with other Objects