ERP mplementation

ERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) package targeted for small start-ups to larger organizations which gives you immediate insights into your company performance and helps disclose ways for you to cut costs and boost profits. ERP software empowers your staff to be more fruitful and enables your systems to become accustomed as you grow up while delivering, the expertise you need to take action quickly in an ever-changing world. Specially made for the unique requirements of manufacturing, retail, hospitality, distribution and services, ERP business software can be tailored for complete range of industries. It is a complete solution with necessary ERP modules to run your business successfully.

Our educational ERP helps your institution to finish everything in time and make the school authority to relax and tension free. It has only a lower cost and can work at any atmosphere. And through our educational ERP, we can make you success through your IT infrastructure. You will have best information security through our solution in which you will be very comfortable.

Educational ERP Modules:

* Online Admission Modules.
* E-library Modules.
* Learning management Modules.
* Financial Accounting module.
* Hostel and Transportation Management modules.
* Career and Placement modules.
* HR Management.
* Examination modules.
* Academic managementModules.
* Communication Modules.